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Locum Tenens Staffing Network

We build healthcare networks via locum tenens

Why MedCadre

MedCadre’s energy and inspiration is fueled by colleagues, friends and allies.. We are an entrepreneurial network of overachievers, fulfilling a deep-rooted need to make a difference for providers and healthcare networks. Our desire is to solve healthcare staffing issues.

There is a critical shortage of healthcare providers in the United States. In many geographic areas, there are not enough providers meet patient needs.

Healthcare organizations are turning to locum tenens to solve staffing needs, ensuring patient access and continuity of care.

For providers, locum tenens offers flexibility, the ability to travel, explore new opportunities and grow their career. MedCadre gets to learns your preferences and handles all the planning, making it easy for you to focus on providing care.

MedCadre locum tenens providers help patients of supply and demand in healthcare workforce. Clients looking to hire a healthcare provider are no longer confined to their local talent pool and healthcare providers have the ability to work anywhere. MedCadre’s ability to offer licensing and credentialing support allows you to practice medicine, eliminate overhead and enjoy pure profits

Locum tenens adds hiring flexibility because of its short-term structure. MedCadre will assign you to short- and long-term positions at hospitals, medical practices and organizations based on needs and your preferences. Our in-house travel department can handle details such as flights, rental cars, lodging and other travel accommodations you need to be successful on your locum tenens assignment.